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What We Do

We are a Tender Consulting organization ready to help you prepare and submit a world class bid.

We compile new tenders as well as review your current bid in order to ensure all bases have been covered and that your bid complies with the requirements for submission.

We Understand Your Requirements

We have a wealth of expertise in understanding how to compile a compliant bid document. We understand YOUR needs and with our experience are able to guide and assist you in all facets of your bid submission.

Our Processes:


You send us:

  • The bid document
  • Your company details and logo
  • All required supporting documentation

We will stay in contact to:

  • Ensure that we have relevant information
  • See if the tender has not been cancelled
  • Remind you of compulsory meetings
  • Obtain your final pricing and complete the document
  • Print and deliver to you for signatures and submission

Ensuring that you get the best of breed services to give your document that winning edge

• Scalable so that you decide what your document should contain

Competitive Service

  • Ensuring that your document is completed on time every time
  • There are no hidden costs that appear after the document is complete
  • You will get exactly what we tell you we will deliver, nothing that is sub standard



Lauren Davies

+27 82 819 0050

Project planning:

  • Baselines schedules
  • Updates on schedules
  • Revision of schedules
  • Project Planned and Actual percentages, S-curves

Finance Management

  • Customized programs to track financial cost during projects on a daily basis, with a forecast of the projects cost
  • Cost curves
  • Man power curves

Project Management

  • Consultation of Projects
  • Resource management


  • Price list analysis and breakdown
  • Method statements

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Tendering Submission Training And Consultation