Safety File

  • Blue Risk Management will update Contractors safety files to comply with new CONSTRUCTION REGULATIONS 2014. (This is a legal requirement in terms of the new construction regulations.)
  • Blue Risk Management will compile a site specific safety file for a construction project.
    The safety file contains all legal documentation, including legal appointments, registers, toolbox talks, etc.
  • Blue Risk Management will implement the file and explain how to maintain it.
  • Blue Risk Management will draft a site specific Safety Plan, we will ensure that the Client approves the plan and will assist the contractor if any changes are required.
  • Blue Risk Management will ensure that all legal requirements on construction sites are met.

Included are the following specific services

  • Baseline Risk Assessment
  • Site Specific Risk Assessments
  • SHE Specifications
  • Job Observations on behalf of client
  • SHE site inspection
  • SHE plans and files