SHE Committee Meetings

SHE Committee Meetings are required by law if the Client or Contractors have two or more SHE Representatives on Site or in their employ. SHE Committee Meetings are essential in the SHE process to assist companies in their efforts to get the Safety First Message across to employees and also to find amicable to solutions to the risks and hazards faced by employees on a daily basis and also to bring newly identified risks and hazards to Management’s attention.

SHEQ Audits

SHEQ Audits are conducted at pre-determined intervals and times on a monthly basis with the Client and Contractors. The Audit Report will be available within half an hour of the Audit being completed. The SHE Audit measures the compliance of the Contractor to the Client’s SHEQ Specification, the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and Environmental Legislation.

Confined Space

Using the correct procedures for Confined Space work gas monitoring, entry and exit procedures, life line actions, venting and

Fall Protection Plans

A Fall Protection Plan is required by law under CR8 and the Fall Protection Plan is to be developed by a suitably qualified person, appointed in writing detailing the mitigating controls and systems to be implemented to make the height work as safe as possible. This includes the use of Fall Protection systems and Fall Arrest systems.

Method Statements

Method Statements are drawn up from the risks and hazards identified in the Risk Assessments. Method Statements are therefore in essence Safe Work Procedures detailing the step by step method to be followed to safely complete a task with minimal risk of injury or loss to workers, the environment and equipment.

SHEQ Files are the pivotal part of the SHEQ System, drafted to the client’s needs including Legal Appointment Letters, Base Line Risk Assessments, Method Statements, She Plans, Fall Protection
Plans, etc.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are to be developed by a suitably qualified person appointed in writing and all hazards and risks are to be identified, mitigating controls are to be implemented and these are to be communicated to all workers involved. Various forms of Risk Assessments are available e.g.

  •  The Base Line Risk Assessment is conducted from the original Site visit and the Risks and Hazards identified.
  • Task Based Risk Assessments are conducted taking the various tasks to be performed and the equipment used on the Site into consideration.
  • Risk Assessments which take all the risks and hazards of various job types face into consideration can also be conducted, e.g. the Risks and Hazards faced by a Boilermaker, Plumber, Electrician etc. during the various tasks they perform.